Friday, July 18, 2014

Cover Reveal - ALL OF ME

Anyone like that song All of Me? "All of me loves all of you ..." Yeah, I love it.

This is Ivey and Jeff's story.

I've been working on different versions of All of Me for years. Feels like many more than two years, but it actually has been "only" two years. Waaaay too long for most books.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Reverie by Christina Yother

Orphaned at a young age Hetty is convinced that her circumstances make her unworthy of having a family of her own. When a job opportunity as a housekeeper presents itself Hetty accepts believing that working for Isaac Wheeler and his family is a welcome, if not temporary, surrogate for her own family dreams. As she’s faced with learning to trust she discovers that wanting a family and building a family are two very different things. Will she learn to see herself as worthy of God’s gifts? Or will she return to the solitary existence that defined so much of her life?

Isaac Wheeler, successful furniture maker and dishonorable bachelor, finds Hetty’s presence in his home to be disturbing and a haunting reminder of his past sins. As he struggles with his growing and unwanted feelings, he can’t help but torment himself with mistakes from his past. Can he navigate the family tensions, infidelity, and sudden choices destined to keep them apart? Or can Isaac endure each struggle and seek forgiveness before discovering what truly makes a family?

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About Christina:

Christina Yother is a historical and contemporary romance writer. She has been involved with writing, blogging, and social media for several years and earned a PhD in 2012 by writing one of the first dissertations to explore how women build community through writing online. She lives in small-town Georgia with her husband and three children.You can find her writing at or at where she runs a submission-based collaborative writing blog that celebrates the smaller voices in the blogging community.

Christina loves to connect with readers!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Return of the Rebel ~ ~ Jennifer Faye

Jennifer is here to talk about her brand new release - the fourth one!

Hi. I’m so happy to be here. :-)

It’s hard to believe that a year ago my debut was just hitting store shelves and now my fourth release is out. It’s terribly exciting to see a lifelong dream come true. It just goes to prove that no one should give up on their dreams. They do come true.

Now a little about THE RETURN OF THE REBEL…

Jax Monroe is a reformed bad boy with a good heart. Cleo is a good girl with a guilty conscience.

Reunited beneath the bright lights of Las Vegas, can this childhood crush turn into something more? Or will secrets and danger destroy their chance at real love?

TOP PICK! RT Book Reviews 4.5 Stars ~

"Faye's romance tugs at the heartstrings and the surprising element of suspense is the perfect addition to make this one fly off the shelves.

Here's a quick excerpt of Return of the Rebel ~

“You’ve got to trust me.”

Cleo arched a disbelieving brow. “Says who?”

Little Cleo had certainly gained some spunk. Well, good for her. It was also a relief to know she wasn’t still carrying that crazy torch for him. The last thing he needed at this critical juncture of his life was more complications.

Her finger poked his chest. “You’re up to something and I want to know what it is.”

Her tone brooked no room for debate. He wouldn’t be wiggling out of this confrontation with some flimsy story.

“You can start by explaining your need for an alias.”

“Just leave it be.”

She shook her head. “I can’t look the other way. We aren’t kids anymore. This is where I work and I can’t let you jeopardize my job.”

Cleo’s voice rose with every word. “But if you turn around and leave now, we can forget we ever saw each other.”

He doubted he’d ever be able to wipe her sexy image from his memory. Her polished persona stole his breath away. She may have been a cute kid, but she’d grown up to be a real knockout. And as for leaving here now, he wasn’t about to do it. He had as much right to be here as any- one else.

Cleo leveled her shoulders and tapped her foot. He hated to tell her but if she was angling for an intimidating pose, she’d missed her mark. She was more alluring than scary.

Get your copy today! Thanks for being here today, Jennifer!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Come See Me at Hearts & Scribbles

Today I'm visiting the wonderful Jennifer Faye, Harlequin author, at Hearts & Scribbles.

I have a character interview: Ryan and Vera from Harte's Peak. It should be fun.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome to Harte's Peak ...

So Harte's Peak, the first in the Redemption Peak series with The White Rose/Pelican Book Group is live now on all major retailers:





Harte's Peak is a small town in the Sierra California "gold country". It's actually based on the real town of Twain Harte, a cozy little town of about 2,000 people at a 3,000 mile elevation.

It is a short 15 miles to Dodge Ridge Ski Resort in Pinecrest, California (elevation 5,000).

I'm partial to Twain Harte - the town is rich in history, actually named after Mark Twain and Brett Harte. My family started our annual February snow trip to Twain Harte in 1999, and it became a yearly event. Anyone from the Bay Area is familiar with the fact that our public schools often gave the week of President's Day off as what official became known as "February break". It couldn't be "winter" break (a better name, in my opinion) because that became December break. It obviously couldn't be "spring" break, thus it wound up with its boring and unoriginal title. However, in our family as well as in many other Bay Area families February break became known as "snow week".

Although it doesn't snow in the Bay Area, a three and a half hour drive into the mountains and voila! Snow for all snow-deprived Californians.

Thus began my love affair with Twain Harte, and a mere 13 years later it became the setting for my first novel. At this time, there will be two books in the Redemption Peak series. The second is under contract and we should have a cover reveal soon.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Blog Hop!

My Golden Gate ACFW chapter mate Sydney Avey asked me to participate this time. Sydney has a great blog here.

She has a series on Writing California in which she interviews various authors who write with a California setting. Her latest book is The Sheep Walker's Daughter:

"Three generations, four women, a history of family secrets will be reveal when Dee finds a postcard that says "Lost sheep may be recovered. Lost time cannot."

And now for my writing process interview:

1. What are you working on right now?

At the moment I have turned in my content edits for the prequel book in the Harte’s Peak series (title TBD, but probably Beginnings in Harte’s Peak),and while I wait for the copy edits (we’re way ahead of schedule because thankfully this book didn’t need as many revisions) I’m working on something entirely new. This one is a contemporary romance set in wine country, and is the second in a series as well. A retired baseball pitcher buys a vineyard and tries to hire a woman from his past to run it. The problem is this woman had every intention of buying the vineyard herself, until the ball player plunked down cash for it. Now she has to decide if she wants to work for the man, or wait until he fails. Decisions, decisions.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

As authors we are always cultivating our own "voice". It's a mixture of syntax, emotional depth and delivery. I think and hope that I now have my own voice which is a mixture of humor and emotion. But this is something I'll forever be perfecting.

3. Why do you write what you do?

(Below, Jack naps while I work. It's a rough life, he wants you to know.)

I love stories about real people – people who love are gloriously flawed but know how to love. Though I find mysteries and thrillers engaging I know I could never write them. I like to write from a happy place, even as I put my characters through the emotional ringer. Humor is important to me and I love to make myself laugh as I write. (As long as it isn’t the love scene.)

4. How does your writing process work?

I’m excited to announce I have a new process! I’m officially a plotser now because I begin with knowing what my inciting event will be, and the first turning point. I have a good feel for the hero and heroine, and their pasts (especially if they have some sort of shared past). The subplots I allow to reveal themselves to me as I write the first draft. I’ve got a firm grasp of the setting and the character Arc that each of them will have.

My new process is going to involve writing the first draft of Act I and then reviewing it to make sure all of the points are covered and I’m not missing anything. I hope this will reduce on revisions once I’m done. It’s also going to give me a good outline to follow. Anyway, I’m going to try it and see how it works.